Welcome to Shunyata’s Apprentice Phase II.

My plan for this blog is to provide introduction, inspiration and advice for people who are interested in learning to meditate or improve their meditation practice.

As part of this I plan to post ongoing notes – these are the Posts, and are stacked in reverse order as I add them – about current issues, problems and progress in my meditation practice. Also some Posts are other writers’ contributions, with their blessing, on the benefits and difficulties of finding a meditation practice. I’m also occasionally including a few tidbits from the teachings, such as the Lojong, that have been of great help to me along the way, though this is not primarily a theoretical or intellectual blog.

The Pages are a more-or-less chronological narrative of my personal Way-finding – my journey to whatever liberation I have yet found, and how the events of my life affected that process, in the hopes that seeing how this has unfolded for you will be of help. They are arranged and numbered in time order.

Please feel free to leave comments! I will try to respond, as I would love for this to create dialogue.

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. erikleo says:

    Ah, a fellow Buddhist, although I am Soto Zen (in the UK) There is an interesting case of self-illusion re 9/11 – if you don’t know about it I can give you details.

    • John Eden says:

      Thanks Erikleo! I have a Soto background as well, tho am now “hybrid” and have an expanded practice. Not sure what case you’re referring to but sounds interesting!

  2. erikleo says:

    The 9/11 example is on my Material World blog, sorry for any confusion.

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