Lojong #14 Seeing confusion as the four kayas…

…is unsurpassable shunyata protection.

This is one of my favorites. Though it is a very complex slogan that seems obscure at first, a little experience with it begins to make it clear.

The four kayas are:



–Relating the two,

–and Seeing the Whole.

These describe the four stages the mind passes through in any situation. Observing this process eventually allows one to see that shunyata is the true nature of mind, and that everything is simply this nowness.

Trungpa says there are no origins, everything is suspended in shunyata.

2 thoughts on “Lojong #14 Seeing confusion as the four kayas…

  1. Hi John, I’ve been looking at these Lojon posts of yours again. They were a bit over my head when you first published them. I like this one a lot – I’m definitely at the confusion stage right now. I’ve decided I’ve been reading too much and trying to learn too much too soon instead of just concentrating on my practice and letting things develop at their own pace. The catalyst for this insight – a dental water flosser! Think I might have to write a blog about it. Hope all is well with you.

    • John Eden says:

      Glad you’re re-reading them, Rosie! I love the lojong, and am working on it daily now. Will get back to posting them at some point. Can’t wait to read about the water flosser… ! We’re doing well, tho very busy this time of year with pottery shows.

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