Us vs. Them

What are the real threats to the health and safety of our world?

Charles Eisenstein, author of The More Beautiful World… and other perceptive books analyzing the current state of the world from a very enlightened philosophical point of view, has turned his gaze on the media hysteria over Ebola Zaire, or whatever strain of the virus it is that has had the temerity to invade our sacred shores.

Though he does not dismiss the threat, he clearly sees its place on the spectrum. The hysteria over Ebola, he says, is just another instance of looking for things we can control. And he points out the source of the things that pose serious threats to the health and safety of the world as mostly of our own making.

…the real threats to our well-being are by and large of a different nature. They are, in fact, the result of the us-versus-them mentality, and cannot be solved from that mentality. First among these is the ecological crisis, which is showing us undeniability that what we have done to nature, we have done to ourselves.

You can read the entire article on his site, The New and Ancient Story.

3 thoughts on “Us vs. Them

  1. Great article, very tongue in cheek.

    • John Eden says:

      Hi Rosie! Nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well. … and hope your practice is going better than mine! I’ve had some back and carpal tunnel problems but getting better doing some sitting again.

      • I am so sorry to hear that John. I understand carpel tunnel can be very painful. Glad you are feeling better and wish you continued improvement. I am in a similar place having recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’ve just got back on the cushion and I’m trying some gentle yoga. I’ve been on medication for 3 weeks and I’m just beginning to feel human again. I am sure my practice will help.

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