Happy Holidays from Oz: My new Narnia.

A friend’s account of christmas down under…

Becoming Waldo

About one year after I packed my bags and ventured into the colorful abyss that is our world, I noticed a comment on one of my Instagram photos asking, “Cass, are you still in Narnia?”

For a moment, I thought my friend Kelly had simply been duped by the snickering rascal that is auto-correct while attempting to write Bosnia; but then I realized, she was sincerely asking if I was still in my whimsical world of fictional animals and Turkish Delight.

It never really occurred to me until that moment, that most of my friends and family have no fathomable idea of where I am in the world. My inability to commit to plans whilst traveling means my GPS check-in on social media could land anywhere on a map, at any hour of the day. I write about goulash and black squid pasta, Delhi shopping bazaars and Indonesian volcanoes. I may as well…

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