Wow. Intermittent fasting, type 2 diabetes, modern life, idea networks, community support and new research.

This guy has me thinking about going back to vegan…

(see his comment in the post from Honeythat’sokay)

Wow. Intermittent fasting, type 2 diabetes, modern life, idea networks, community support and new research..

So, the caveman finds himself sick, because he has become the spaceman, sitting too much, sucking down too much information, losing connection to his physical body and nature, and the basic need to move around, with too much food available. He is additionally challenged to overcome ‘critical thresholds‘ in his social and other behavioral networks to change his life in a positive way.


7 thoughts on “Wow. Intermittent fasting, type 2 diabetes, modern life, idea networks, community support and new research.

  1. Not sure that I entirely agree with this. Some companies have introduced standing desks & a recent study I read indicated they are as bad as sitting. What we need to do is balance , standing, sitting, walking – not any one thing in excess. Similarly with diet, balance is key and quality not quantity of food is hugely important. I’ve been reading a lot on nutrition lately and have learned a lot. Sadly even if you avoid processed food and eat plenty of fruit & veg, you may still not be getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Intensive farming has increasingly raped the land. The apples we ate as kids had something like 20% more vitamins than today. Some have been specially bred to taste sweeter & so have too much sugar content. As for meat & fish, don’t even want to start. Farmed fish is a horror story just like intensively farmed meat. But we need good quality protein to function, so it can be expensive and difficult to find. Over the last 20 years I have gradually changed my diet for both health and ethical reasons. I’m still working on it. I strongly believe that diets don’t work in the long run and can actually make people fatter. We are supposed to be facing an epidemic of type 2 diabetes and it seems that sugar, rather than fat is the new enemy. All those years of low fat diets have apparently done more harm than good. The food industry has made a fortune selling products full of sugar labelled ‘low fat’. As with everything in life the key is balance and achieving it is the work of a lifetime!

  2. John Eden says:

    I think you’re right Rosie! Some things about the post really appealed to me, but you’re right about balance for sure! And the food/nutrition thing is so complicated these days. I was just in a groove on that vegan idea and he made such a compelling case, ethically. Nutrition is a constant struggle for all of us with the degraded quality of food and soil – industrialized diet is killing us! I recently read something from a heart surgeon about inflammation in the blood vessels being the primary culprit in heart disease, and just what you said, the low-fat diet is responsible for more problems that it has helped. More home-grown natural food is what we’re trying to do, but it’s so hard. Thanks for your comments and for reading! Hope you’re doing well!

    • You are so right, home grown food is great but hard work. We used to grow a lot in Scotland and it was wonderful to just wander into the garden and pick things. The taste of something that was still growing a few minutes ago is amazing too. Sadly my gardening efforts here have mostly been thwarted due to shortage of water. Fortunately there is plenty of good locally grown fruit and veg in the markets. Lots of small farmers down in the valley.
      And I’m doing very well now thanks. Finally got some energy back and got a few projects on the go. We’re going to India next year. Taj Mahal on our wedding anniversary – very excited!

      • John Eden says:

        Sounds good, dear! Glad to hear you’re doing well. India sounds lovely. My wife loved Scotland! I think I told you she went on the castle tour… we’ve been watching the Outlander series, which seems to be generating lots of tourism for the bonnie land! I keep hoping to visit Europe, but not likely to happen!

      • Glad your wife liked the auld country. I’ve never heard of Outlander. I didn’t expect we’d be visiting India. An unexpected windfall has made it possible. Who knows when your journal gets published? …….. who will play you in the movie I wonder 😉 ?

  3. John Eden says:

    Ha! Not.
    Outlander is a really popular series of books, now TV, about English woman visiting Scotland in 1947 who “falls thru the stones” and ends up 200 years back in time. They call her “sasenach” and she falls in love with a romantic highlander, Jamie Fraser. All the girls love it!

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