Mission to Earth: Choose life, spaceman, spacewoman.

Another post from fellow-wordpresser “the spaceman” — and again it just gets to me… I’m moving strongly in the pure direction… but it’s not without struggle. I need support… Giana is making these amazing salads now, and we’ve inherited a vita-mix, so we’re making progress…
But, read this, it’s great!

caveman spaceman

Imagine you, a spaceman, a spacewoman, woke up one day after travelling millions and millions of miles, after a very, very long sleep.

You slept so long, you forgot what a body was, what a planet was.  You forgot yourself and all your humanity.

It would probably take several days to get your bearings and be able to even digest food.

As you woke up, everything felt like a gift – you were given an amazing body, arms, legs, fingers, toes, and a mind to go with it.  Imagine a body that could do amazing things – run, swim, climb, surf, dance, or just walk, and most amazingly as you remembered – reproduce.


For several weeks, you had to remain in your space capsule, even though you had alighted on this beautiful and rich planet.  You remained in your metal and plastic capsule, breathing stale, recycled air, drinking stale, recycled…

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