Trump as baba

A quite insightful little article from Patricia Pearce, Your Spiritual Teacher in Disguise, portrays the T-man as a symbol of ego, and contains this wonderful paragraph:

In the world’s dream, the United States is the Donald Trump of nations, and our spiritual teacher is helping us see how we must appear to others—believing we are better than they are, and that our wealth, influence, and military force make us great. Is it any wonder that such bravado would evoke attack from others who are caught up in the ego’s inverted world of hatred, division and violence?*

Clearly, there are lessons we need to learn from the ascendance of a fascistic leader in American politics, and none is more important than that one! We will continue to be the victim of terrorist attacks as long as we go around in the world in this way.

(Thanks to my friend Don at for sharing this article!)

8 thoughts on “Trump as baba

  1. John, do not worry about all those elections… Modern political technologies and massmedia ownership make all that a pre-determined con artists show.
    Last 2 decades they seem to have perfected that and test it. Black president? OK, done. Woman president? OK, prediction says it’s 90% done.
    Controlled info stream builds rails for our minds. The deeper you dive in that info stream, the more it cuts you off from real problems.
    They allow you to feel emotions, to feel politically engaged, but in the end only for you to react exactly as they wanted. (Even if your particular person deviates from the mainstream center).
    What’s important then? I think maybe clarity of wisdom, of principles how we can view problems and make decisions. The more people have clarity of view, the easier it would be to change something when the situation would allow that.

    • John Eden says:

      You are a wonderful source of calming wisdom, CI! Thanks once again for reminding me of what I am really doing — or want to be doing. It is all a show, and I don’t want to be riding their railroad. I think it’s just that Trump has everyone terrified of this rising fascist tendency in the US. Keeping one’s mind free through all this is quite a challenge. Thanks for your helpful advice, as always. Much love.

  2. PS. Also people might feel how democratic their country is, having blacks and women as presidents… But in fact that doesn’t matter a bit… They keep riding the same rails…

  3. So sorry John. I imagine today you’ll be feeling like I did on June 24th. The impossible has happened, how could so many people be taken in? I wish I could say Brexit was turning out ok but so far its actually much worse than I thought possible. The very people who wanted it look set to suffer most but only the very rich won’t be affected by the economic pain. The loss of cooperation between universities, science and the arts is tragic. We’ve lost 14% of our income due to exchange rates and expect that to get worse. At least you’ll get a chance to fix things in another 4 years. The UK is finished.

    • John Eden says:

      Yes. In shock. Holy duck is all I can say. Thanks for your encouraging words. Can we come live in Spain? My wife is inclined towards Italy. I just don’t know. I am definitely a resident ex-pat now….

      • I’m with your wife, if money and language skills were no issue, Italy trumps Spain every time (sorry). We are trying to get back to Scotland for a long list of reasons. Chances of selling our house here are pretty slim though (unless you want to buy it!). The future seems grim and uncertain wherever you are. Fingers crossed they don’t tell him the real nuclear codes!!!

      • John Eden says:

        Well, we’ll probably try to stick it out, try to be medicine for the US sickness…. Though it may be the West Coast, as seems our kids heading in that direction. Maybe. Who knows. Right now, just rolling in crazy. Thanks for you consolations! Scotland would be nice too. Giana loved her visit there… Maybe something will happen before January. A revolution, maybe??? 🙂

  4. Trump’s world is too dark – even for Leonard Cohen

    Nice last line if you can bear to read the rest of it.

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