Emma Lindsay on the mess in DC… the best case for optimism yet

Emma Lindsay – Thought she starts with the Manning pardon, it gets wider and takes a very open-minded look at the whole issue of what the Dems have done, what the Repugs have done, and how it all may hold some promise for positive development… at least her commentary is well worth reading. She’s one of the best, clearest, most honest bloggers I’ve read.

As I struggle through the Trump election, the specter of growing normalization and acceptance of the representatives of hatred and racist/classist that seem destined to populate our government, and all the rising signs of fascism, it is increasingly hard to maintain the even-minded approach that I would like to think I believe in.

I am committed to the idea that an approach of inclusiveness and moderation, rejecting us/them dichotomies and divisiveness, will bring us greater freedom, justice and understanding as a nation. But sometimes…. I just want to blast them. So it’s helpful to read those folks, like Emma Lindsay, who are able to see the positives and find optimism in spite of seeing the realities as starkly as I do.

I am also finding it helpful to return – once again, as I have many times before! – to the practice of tonglen and the lojong. A fellow practitioner mentioned to me recently that the teachings say that difficulties are things to be grateful for, and I remembered, yes, Lojong #13, Be grateful to everyone! It certainly applies in the current circumstances.

Chogyam says it deals with ‘conventional reality’ and that ‘without this world we cannot attain enlightenment’ for there would be no path. As long as we have an understanding that we are on the path, all the things that seem like obstacles are actually essential parts of the path.

So let’s be grateful to the horribleness, because it’s certainly giving me an opportunity to practice like nothing before!

6 thoughts on “Emma Lindsay on the mess in DC… the best case for optimism yet

    • John Eden says:

      Yeah! Struggling here!

      • Here too! I’ve been under the cloud of Brexit since June 24th. This week it just got even darker. It’s impossible to come to terms with the swing to the right and the terrible social and economic consequences. Our unelected Prime minister has resorted to threats against the EU 27 if they fail to give the UK a good deal. So much for staying close friends to everyone’s mutual benefit.
        Meanwhile they’re all clamouring to be Donald’s new best friends, with more repugnant ones winning his attention first. (Farage & Gove).
        Those who voted for this look like achieving none of their aims apart from tighter immigration control.
        If ever there was a need to stay present, it’s now. I pull myself back from imagining the worst on a daily basis.
        On your side of the pond the whole story seems to have turned into a soap opera. Cast The Donald as JR Ewing with an ‘interesting ‘ first family and a similar grasp on morality. It’s compulsive viewing!

        Soon we’ll know his real intentions. He has contradicted himself so much it’s hard to guess. I have friends who expect WW111 as a result of his actions. If it turns out to be less than that I suppose we should be grateful.

      • John Eden says:

        Yes, I saw some news on the latest, tho I try to avoid the news! Always interesting to hear your perspective. I’m trying to stay calm and pay attention, not overreact.

  1. erikleo says:

    I’m all for the practice of tonglen and that difficulties provide opportunities! However, if you have someone as President who seems on the face of it, devisive and angry and wd rather build walls than bridges it gives a lot of us reasons to be concerned. William Blake personified the left brain, over-zealous, law-making mind, Urizen; so I have named the T-man President Urizen. Urizen’s faults include lack of vision and imagination and being moralistic in the worst sense. We wd like to be proved wrong for the sake of the planet and the many marginalised people in the US.

    • John Eden says:

      Oh yes, I know, I’m not gonna bliss out and say all’s well! Just trying to find some way to be with this without that angry, fearful feeling in my chest immobilizing me! I’m truly concerned, and given to resistance in ways that protect the victims and pave a way forward. It’s helpful to be able to breath and see that there is a possibility, however remote, that we can recover some of our true national identity, or maybe I should say, reach a better more enlightened national identity. Something besides building Empire.

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