Late-stage capitalist malaise…

And THIS is profound.

This is the guy who identified post-capitalist malaise as  a psychological disorder of sorts. But this probably the most succinct analysis of the whole world problem I’ve seen yet. Explains the authoritarian upsurge, and why the powerless support it, plus a lot more. In a 7 min read…

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6 thoughts on “Late-stage capitalist malaise…

  1. donsalmon says:

    Hi John – neither of the links showed up??

    • John Eden says:

      Thanks Don – I have issues going from Medium to blog, so lost the links, but they’re there now. Both well worth the effort… thanks for alerting me!

  2. donsalmon says:

    Just read the Brewer article – wonderful! Thanks for it.

    • John Eden says:

      Sure! Glad you’re still on my feed! Haven’t been very productive lately! Did you see my article about Lucy? She’s my kid who did live in Asheville.

      • donsalmon says:

        yes I did, lovely article. We got in touch by email and I almost got to see one of her shows but wasn’t able to make it. I’m still keeping my eyes open to see when her next show is going to be.

      • John Eden says:

        Great! Thanks… it was difficult to write but I think good to get the story out.

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