Using Trump

Trump has become a trope.

Many groups have taken our intense emotional reaction to the Trumpian antics and begun to use them to further their own agendas — and some very diverse agendas they are, including both right and left on the American political spectrum.

This blog post by Caitlin Johnstone, the Australian writer I’ve been reading recently, lays it all out. I’m not sure she’s spot-on about everything, but she certainly does give us food for thought…

Caitlin Johnstone’s Fascism Came to America



4 thoughts on “Using Trump

  1. donsalmon says:

    Wow. Right about the Democratic Party, the centrist neoliberals. Totally wrong about the huge progressive wing of the Democratic party, and beyond that, stunning false equivalence.

    (imho – of course:>))

  2. John Eden says:

    Always happy to hear your take on something Don! As I said, I don’t know about all she says, and I’m not up enough on the political scene to evaluate much of it, I just think it bears consideration, especially the Russian stuff.
    Hope you’re doing well! Luke/Lucy was in Asheville for the LEAF but I didn’t make it up… am in a different life situation now, things are radically different, so not making the Asheville scene!

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