NYT Investigation: How Facebook Used a Republican Firm to Attack Critics & Spread Disinformation | Democracy Now!

NYT Investigation: How Facebook Used a Republican Firm to Attack Critics & Spread Disinformation | Democracy Now!
— Read on www.democracynow.org/2018/11/16/bombshell_investigation_how_facebook_fought_critics

Yet another report on just how sleazy Facebook really is- so glad I’m not part of it anymore.

4 thoughts on “NYT Investigation: How Facebook Used a Republican Firm to Attack Critics & Spread Disinformation | Democracy Now!

  1. From my point of view, all that NYT company against Facebook looks a bit silly.
    I’m not defending Facebook, rather I’m saying that NYT is a part of the ocean of propagandist bullshit, where they are bathing the people of the world.
    Why do I think so?
    In 2017 I wrote a lot of answers on Quora, mainly on topics of spiritual path, psychology and daily problems, but sometimes touching questions about Russia (where I live) and politics.
    So 2018 March 27 I got a letter from Quora sayng that they award me a “Writer of the year” badge and a year subscription to NYT online.
    And the first article I read on NYT was “The Post-World War II Order Is Under Assault From the Powers That Built It”

    It begins with words:

    > In the aftermath of World War II, the victorious Western countries forged institutions — NATO, the European Union, and the World Trade Organization — that aimed to keep the peace through collective military might and shared prosperity. They promoted democratic ideals and international trade while investing in the notion that coalitions were the antidote to destructive nationalism.

    > But now the model that has dominated geopolitical affairs for more than 70 years appears increasingly fragile.

    Wait a second, guys. Do they teach that in American schools now?

    That European Union existed more than 70 years, and was formed “In the aftermath of World War II”?

    Wikipedia says, “The EU … established when the Maastricht Treaty came into force in 1993.” The Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992. If it was over 70 years ago, then me must be living in 2060’es?..

    “Keeping the peace”? “Shared prosperity”? I don’t want even start on that. Tell “Baltic Tigers” about prosperity EU brought them, tell Yugoslavia and Lybia about peace, tell former USSR republics like Ukraine about “antidote to destructive nationalism” Western leaders give them…

    I don’t want even to start, so what I’m saying NYT lives in parallel world, definitly not the world I live in.

    Or, maybe they think WWII was a war where USA defeated evil USSR in 1991?

    It amazes my how they are so ignorant about even historical dates… So after trying to read a couple of NYT articles I forgot about that subscription. Poor TV-watching and newspaper-reading guys, you live in the ocean of bullshit.

    • John Eden says:

      Oh so true my friend! An ocean of bullshit! Facebook is just the latest incarnation- admittedly a very large and effective one— of the BS machine. The thing about US propaganda is that it’s almost believing itself! This big deception about promoting democracy, peace and prosperity is repeated so often it is even believed by the perpetrators. But yes, it is total BS.

  2. PS. I mean, when I read how they blame Russia in disinformation and attempts to influence elections, I think, “Wow, how is that something new in America?”

    Besides, you think Americans don’t disinform and don’t influence elections in other countries?

    I recall how NATO representatives literally installed Yuschenko as the president of the Ukraine in 2004, when actually elected was Yanukovich.

    It reminds me of a joker. Little boy hears some strange noices from parents’ bedroom. He looks in and sees them in bed doing something ridiculous. In deep amazement, the boy utters: “And these are the people who forbid me to pick my nose!”

    • John Eden says:

      Again, very true. Always so interesting to see things in your perspective!
      The hypocrisy is strong here! And pretending that we haven’t toppled regimes all over the world by subversion, disinformation or force if necessary. The Russians are perhaps a bit more pragmatic about it, and more subtle!

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