Media break

I’m taking a break from social media, and most news media as well.

My wife and two of my friends ran a little impromptu intervention Thurs night to let me know that I’m being adversely affected by all the negativity out there. i was feeling it somewhat, but didn’t realize how it was affecting others.

To confirm the whole thing, the universe got in on the act with a huge thunderstorm that has taken out my home Internet connection … until Tuesday! Weird.

But already I feel better. I cleared out the piled up crap in my inbox and Unrolled a bunch of email subscriptions, took Facebook off my mobile desktop, and posted a notice that I won’t be checking in on Facebook. Call or email me. Or leave a comment on this blog.

I don’t think fascism will be stopped by Facebook actually, so boots on the ground time… see ya in the streets. … tho I do plan to finish posting 132 names of black people killed by police. …. maybe make a poster… not that I’m anti police, just anti the fascists who control them…

No passaran!

12 thoughts on “Media break

  1. don salmon says:

    Great idea. Hope you’re enjoying the stillness and fun:>)

  2. Giana Eden says:

    Good for you John! Peace and love will surround you.

  3. Sounds a good plan. More time on the cushion perhaps?

    • John Eden says:

      Yes, it should help with that… all together help my depression.

      • donsalmon says:

        but wait a minute, you’re still on email!

        5 hours uninterrupted on the cushion to make up for it:

        Starting…….. now

        (Eckhart Tolle has a great line, where he encourages parents to meditate with their kids, but he warns them (putting on his best German accent), “you shouldn’t say to them, “You vill be present, now, for the next 15 minutes!!”)

        So, sitting or no sitting, email or no email, (media or no media??) self-ruminating thoughts and glowing, loving kindness thoughts, all passing through the sky of mind, the sun of awareness shining ever brightly……

  4. Wow, Don that’s great, says it all!

  5. donsalmon says:

    ok, i’m closing my browser…..



  6. I see you are back already! Hope you are feeling better. Good to know you have friends and family looking out for you. I hope I haven’t encouraged the addiction with my comments and Guardian articles. After this blog and the comments I realised I was getting a bit obsessive over Brexit and should probably stop combing the media so much myself. It is a huge challenge to stay ‘present’ at the moment. We have just put our house up for sale. The agent is pessimistic so looks like we will have a period of self inflicted uncertainty to add to our Brexit woes.
    I hope to make the most of our remaining time here however long it maybe. We are making no future plans (or trying not to), just waiting to see how things turn out.
    I’ve decided to stop blogging (well I pretty much have already). My posts have served their purpose so I have deleted them. No point clogging up the worlds servers with my ramblings.
    I will continue to follow your blog with interest although may not always comment. Of course I have plenty to say about your most recent one!
    Take care.

    • John Eden says:

      Well, just blogging, not getting out there and reading news obsessively! I understand your situation. We keep thinking of putting the house and pottery on market, but not a good time. Things are up in the air anyway, but we persist. Hope it works out for you, Rosie! Do comment occasionally! I really enjoy our conversations!

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